Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate I

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  • Working with Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks
    • This module is all about working with multiple worksheets and workbooks. Learn how you can combine data, manage datasets and perform calculations across multiple sources. And don't forget the Toolbox with handy shortcuts and ninja tips.
  • Text and Date Functions
    • By the end of this module, you will be an expert in Date and Text functions. This module discusses ways you can extract information and manipulate data to fulfil specific business requirements.
  • Named Ranges
    • Learn how you can create, manage and apply Named Ranges to enhance your calculations.
  • Summarising Data
    • Graduate to advanced formulas in this module. Learn how you can use functions like COUNTIFS to extract information from data, as well as generate graphical representations of it.
  • Tables
    • Tables, tables, tables. Start with creating, formatting and managing tables and then move on to sorting and filtering tables to get the data you need. Finally, wrap up this module automating your tables to make your work more efficient.
  • Pivot Tables, Charts and Slicers
    • This module deep dives into the popular (and very useful) pivot tables. Learn how you can create and modify them to solve a variety of business problems. Then gain skills to create interactive dashboards with pivot charts and slicers.
  • Final Assessment