Everyday Excel, Part 3 (Projects)

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  • Introduction and General Course Information
    • This module contains introductory information regarding the course requirements, how to obtain a Course Certificate, and information for Mac users.
  • WARM-UP PROJECTS (Choose Three)
    • For the Warm-Up Projects, you must select three of five projects to complete. If you are more math-inclined, you might appreciate the "Nearest Eighth of an Inch" and "Ladder Around the Corner" projects. If you are not so math-inclined, you will gravitate towards the "World Bank Lookup", "Dynamic Temperature Lookup", and the "Dynamic Amortization Schedule" projects.
    • Now that you're warmed up, let's transition to some more challenging projects! There are six possible projects for you to choose from for the Intermediate Projects, and you must complete three of them. The Sensitivity Analysis and Historical Weather Lookup (Part A) projects are perhaps the easier projects of the bunch, but the Dynamic Data Cleaning is not far behind. The Friday the 13th project is interesting but possibly a tad bit more challenging. The Bakery Shopping List and Dinner Sign-Up projects are somewhere in between. Have fun!
  • MAIN PROJECTS (Choose Three)
    • Now for the heart of the course - the Main Projects! You'll implement many of the techniques and tools that you've learned in Parts 1 and 2 of "Everyday Excel". These projects are more involved than the intermediate projects. However, in many cases I provide significant hints and suggestions (mainly through screencasts). Therefore, I "guide" you through these projects. You'll be left with a proud, well-earned sense of accomplishment after having done these projects! There are 5 projects to choose from, and you need to complete 3 of them. Good luck!
  • For Honors!
    • Are you chomping at the bit to apply more of your vast Excel knowledge to some more challenging problems?! If so, the Honors Certificate is for you! For Honors distinction on your Course Certificate, complete both projects. The two projects are Francesca's French Bakery and the Top Hat Consolidator. Peruse the information below for project descriptions and requirements for these two projects. Far fewer hints and tips are provided for these projects, so it is up to you to utilize what you've learned in these courses to solve these open-ended problems!