Everyday Chinese Medicine 2

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    • Syllabus - What you will learn from this course
  • Session 6 Basics of Chinese Medicine Diagnostics (II)
    • In this session, we will continue to in-depth learning about the other two diagnostic methods on tongue diagnosis of inspection and pulse diagnosis of palpation that shown the uniqueness of Chinese Medicine in observing human physiology or pathological manifestations of changes. For the second part of this session, we will demonstrate symptoms of the classification to illustrate how they are classified by the eight principles and one case of common cold will be demonstrated for daily application.
  • Session 7 Treatment Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • After learning the fundamental theories and four diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese medicine, in this session, we will move forward to introduce the treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine to tackle the basic symptoms that illustrated by the Eight Principles.
  • Session 8 Introduction of Chinese Materia Medica
    • This session is a brief introduction of Chinese Materia Medica and the properties: the Four Natures, Five Flavors, and the concept of Toxicity in the context of Materia Medica.
  • Session 9 The Basic Concept of Health Preservation in Chinese Medicine
    • This session is about how the health preservation in Chinese medicine helps to conserve health, prevent diseases and prolong life span for better well being from the Chinese medicine perspective.
  • Session 10 Integrative Medicine, the Way Forward
    • After the previous nine sessions have given the basic understanding of Chinese medicine in everyday application, in this session, five healthcare professionals who are specialized in Chinese medicine and Integrative medicine, will share their experiences and insights of Chinese and integrative medicine in Greater China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.