Evaluation of Textiles Materials

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Evaluation of textile materials is an extremely important activity for textile production, productand process development, research, distribution and consumption.During selection of raw materials, intermediate materials and finished products the evaluationof characteristics of textiles is necessary. To meet up the customer requirement, specification isvery useful. In this concept, testing plays a vital role.In research and development field the evaluation of textile materials helps us to decide the nextroute. Research Institute, pilot plants can achieve process development through testing or exactinvestigation into better, cheaper and quicker methods.Certain standard level should be maintained to control the production process. By evaluation oftextile materials one can easily detect the faults of machinery and materials. Continuous test ofthe textiles results an enhanced and efficient output of the production.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG and PG Students of Textile, Clothing andfashion technology, Material science etc.PREREQUISITES : Suitable of 2 nd year/3 rd Year UG TextilePhysics and Mathematics of 10+2 level and basicstatisticsINDUSTRY SUPPORT : None