Ethical Management and Decision Making

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Learn how to manage within an ethical manner

In today’s working world, the terms ‘corporate responsibility’ and ‘sustainability’ are more important than ever. Corporations and organisations are increasingly about doing what is best for the community, the society and the environment.

This three-week course from the University of Law Business School will teach you how to manage people within an effective manner, and also explore how not to manage people within a business.

Use an ethical decision-making model to explain certain behaviours

Managing in an ethical manner is extremely important, and there have been many cases worldwide of CEOs who lost their jobs because they failed to manage with integrity.

You’ll use an ethical decision-making model to consider ethical principles, obligations and values within the overall management process, and will understand the factors that lead to ethical and unethical behaviour within organisations studying a wide range of case studies.

Evaluate an organisation’s methods for managing corporate responsibility

You’ll then critically reflect upon the issues of managing ethically, and will discuss how society’s expectations are influencing managers and organisations.

Finally, you’ll be able to give your own examples of how ethics can be applied in practice.

Learn from ethical management experts at the University of Law Business School

The University of Law is one of the UK’s longest established specialist providers of legal education.

You’ll be guided throughout by leaders within the ethical management field, and will gain an insight to real-life case studies of businesses across the globe.

This course is primarily geared towards line, middle and top level managers already established within organisations, young professionals who are looking to start their careers, employees who are looking to develop further within their career and students who are interested in management.