Week 1: Introduction to ethical hacking. Fundamentals of computer networking. TCP/IP protocol stack.Week 2: IP addressing and routing. TCP and UDP. IP subnets.Week 3: Routing protocols. IP version 6.Week 4: Demonstration Session:: Vulnerability assessment: OpenVAS, Nessus, etc. System hacking: password cracking, penetration testing, etc.Week 5: Demonstration Session: Social engineering attacks. Malware threats, penetration testing by creating backdoors.Week 6: Introduction to cryptography, private-key encryption, public-key encryption.Week 7: Cryptographic hash functions, digital signature and certificate, applications.Week 8: Steganography, biometric authentication, network-based attacks, DNS and Email security.Week 9: Demonstration Session:: Sniffing: Wireshark, ARP poisoning, DNS poisoning. Hacking wireless networks, Denial of service attacks.Week 10: Elements of hardware security: side-channel attacks, physical inclinable functions, hardware trojans.Week 11:Demonstration Session:: Hacking web applications: vulnerability assessment, SQL injection, cross-site scripting.Week 12: Case studies: various attacks scenarios and their remedies.