Ethical Decision-Making in Care: Introducing care ethics in ordinary and extraordinary times

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Learn how to use ethical frameworks to make care decisions at the present time

On this course, you’ll explore ethical issues that arise in daily care, and learn the best practices for reflecting on and making moral decisions. The course has been revised to respond to current ethical challenges during the pandemic.

You’ll consider different ethical frameworks, including human rights, virtue ethics and the ‘Four Principles’ of medical ethics: nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, and respect for autonomy.

You’ll compare methods of analysing a care-giving scenario, and identify the moral and ethical problems of a care situation. You’ll also learn how to apply a deliberative framework, where deliberation on a decision from multiple points of view is essential. You will have the opportunity to engage with - and learn from - people from around the world regarding their experience of caring during a pandemic.

This course is primarily designed for caregivers, care assistants and nurses who provide care in ordinary and extraordinary times.

However, the course will also be of interest to anyone engaged in health and social care, or who uses health and social care services.