Essentials of Oxidation, Reduction and C-C Bond Formation. Application in Organic Synthesis

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In this course I will deal, in detail, of some of the modern and important methods/aspects of
(a) Oxidation
(b) Reduction and
(c) C-C Bond Formation
with special emphasis on addressing
(i) Selectivity [Regio-, Chemo- and Stereo- (Enantio- and Diastereoselectivity)]
(ii) Mechanism
(iii) Stereochemistry (wherever necessary) and
(iv) Application in solving some synthetic problems using the synthetic reactions discussed
Note: (1) I will give appropriate references of books, research papers, and reviews for people for extra information as and when they need. (2) It is expected that this course will help MSc students appearing for NET, GATE and GRE/AGRE examinations. It will also help chemists working in industry who use such reactions in their daily work.
MSc in ChemistryPREREQUISITES : BSc (Chemistry: specially organic chemistry courses)INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Syngene, Bristol-Myers Bangalore, Syngenta (Goa), Pharma Industries