Essentials of Corporate Finance Capstone

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  • Week 1: Financial Analysis
    • Get started this week by familiarizing yourself with the sorts of tasks you will need to undertake in order to successfully complete this Capstone, as well as your learning journey in the Essentials of Corporate Finance Specialization. You will be assuming the role of Jess, a financial analyst based in China and working for UOM Bank; a large international investment bank. You are in a team with another analyst, Sean, headed by a senior manager, Paul and your client is thinking about making a very large strategic investment.
  • Week 2: Key Market Exposures
    • Now that you’ve completed your work on the financials, your client has come back with some questions about the risk he might be faced with from the investment. Specifically, this week you will need to identify some key market exposures.
  • Week 3: Assessing Key Decisions Made by Senior Management
    • Phew, you're half way! Don't stop now. Paul and Sean need your help to get a handle on some of the key decisions made by Hasbro senior management in the last few years.
  • Week 4: Quantitative Analysis
    • Well done! You're on the home stretch but it's not time to celebrate the end of your learning journey just yet. This week there is a final bit of quantitative analysis that needs to be completed.