Essential Linear Algebra for Data Science

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  • Linear Systems and Gaussian Elimination
    • In this module we will learn what a matrix is and what it represents. We will explore how a system of linear equations can be expressed in a neat package via matrices. Lastly, we will delve into coordinate systems and provide visualizations to help you understand matrices in a more well-rounded way.
  • Matrix Algebra
    • In this module we will learn how to solve a linear system of equations with matrix algebra.
  • Properties of a Linear System
    • In this module we will explore concepts and properties of linear systems. This includes independence, basis, rank, row space, column space, and much more.
  • Determinant and Eigens
    • In this module we will discuss projections and how they work. We will build on a foundation using 2-dimensional projections and explore the concept in higher dimensions over time.
  • Projections and Least Squares
    • In this module we will learn how to compute the determinant of a matrix. Afterwards, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors will be covered.