Esports Teams and Professional Players

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  • Competitive Esport Teams
    • As we narrow our scope, we're going to be focusing on the “Competitive Esport Team/Player”. Whether you're playing on a team, or competing as an individual, there are many nuances of being a Esports player that need to be addressed to fully understand what it means to be a professional. We'll be talking a lot about the support staff that you'd be surrounded by, the intricacy of navigating contracts, and getting into the hardships of committing yourself to professional play.
  • Esports Media
    • Going into a different direction we'll be talking about the “Esports Media”! Similar to sports, esports has developed its own unique ecosystem of journalism, videos, streaming, social media, and overall content creation. We'll be going into the specifics of those different types of media, and explaining how each one has its uses in making Esports more popular as a whole.