Esports: Leveling Up Teach-Out

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Explore the growing competitive gaming phenomenon that has changed the lives of millions of gamers and non-gamers alike while challenging the concept of a sport. In this Teach-Out. you'll join a conversation about the history of esports as well as gain an understanding of who participates in esports, how esports teams are formed, and how competitive gameplay works. Hearing directly from competitive players, leaders of collegiate esports programs, and industry insiders, you'll explore the societal impact of esports and look ahead to the future of the industry.

You'll explore these topics in this Teach-Out:

History of competitive gaming and esports players.
How to watch, play, and compete in esports.
Emerging career pathways within the esports landscape.
Societal impacts of the esports industry, including diversity, equity, inclusion challenges in gaming culture.
The future of the esports industry.