Environmental Soil Chemistry

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This course will provide extensive discussions on the chemistry of inorganic and organic soil components, soil solution–solid phase equilibria, sorption phenomena, kinetics of soil chemical processes, redox reactions, soil pollution, pollutants-soil solution interactions, and analytical techniques for assessing soil pollution. Each topic will contain sample problems and explanations of parameters and terms. These should be very useful to students taking their first course in soil chemistry. This is a comprehensive and contemporary course for undergraduate students in soil science and for students and professionals in environmental chemistry and engineering, marine studies, and geochemistry.

Agriculture, Environmental science, Agricultural engineeringPREREQUISITES :NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :1. Soil testing services
2. Soil and environmental pollution consulting companies
3. Soil remote sensing solution services
4. Petroleum industries



Week 1: Evolution of Soil ChemistryWeek 2: Inorganic Soil ComponentsWeek 3: Chemistry of Soil Organic MatterWeek 4: Soil Solution–Solid Phase Equilibria and Sorption in SoilsWeek 5: Ion Exchange ProcessesWeek 6: Kinetics of Soil Chemical ProcessesWeek 7: Redox Chemistry of SoilsWeek 8: The Soil PollutantsWeek 9: Pollutants-Soil Solution InteractionsWeek 10:Retention of Pollutants on and Within the Soil Solid PhaseWeek 11:Modeling the Fate of Pollutants in the Soil, Risks and RemediesWeek 12:Analytical Techniques for Assessing Soil pollution