Environmental Occupational Hazards

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This course details on the various Environmental and Occupational Hazards. The course discusses on natural hazards and disasters. Natural disaster is an event like earthquake, floods, landslides that adversely affects the people either by damaging the property or through loss of life. Here we discussed geological hazards, where events like earthquake volcanic eruptions and landslides have been elaborated. Weather related hazards or coastal hazards have explained under meteorological hazards. The course also details on environmental hazards covering aspects of physical, chemical and biological hazards. Explosives, Flammable, radiation, heat & cold stern vibration, noise hazards have explained in physical hazards. How a chemical can be hazardous to humans and have detrimental health effects are explained in chemical hazards. Hazards caused by biological agents such as microorganisms can pose a threat to the health ofhumans. The course also discusses Occupational Hazards. It deals with hazards posed by specific occupations such as mining &construction, agriculture and allied sectors, hospital, and health centres and corporate sectors. Finally, the management of the hazards and the mitigation of the same has been explained.