Environmental Modeling and Simulation

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1. Introduction to modeling and simulation, develqpment process and applications; 2. Model classification and evaluation; Basics of EnvironmentalSystem Desion; 3. Introduct on to Software Packages 4. Lumped and distributed parameter models, solution methods using MATLAB; 5. Simulation methodologies, continuous, discrete.Monte - Garlo,agent-based models 6. Game theory,system dynamics 7. Design of experiments. Reactor Modeling, kinetics,parameter estimation,RTO studies and flow reaimes 8. lD models. geometrical approach, Introduct on to nonlinear dvnamics 9. 2D models, bifurcations, sensitivity analysis. Lotka Volterra Models,outbreak models 10. Microbial dynamics.mixinginlakes, river self- purification.dynamics of DO,BOD and nutrients 11. Modeling transport phenomena. atmospheric and porous media transport and transformation of oollutants 12. Environmentalrisk management,health r sk assessment, Uncertaintv 13. Cluster analysis. ecological modeling, classification of ecolog ical data. stability of complex ecosvstems