Environmental Health: the Foundation of Global Public Health

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  • Week 1: Welcome & Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences
    • Welcome to Week 1! We start this week with an orientation to the course and our learning community. Then, we start our course by covering two main topics: Basic Concepts of Environmental Health Sciences, and Environmental Hazards. Let’s find out more about these topics, and more, in the Week 1 module.
  • Week 2: Environmental Health Policy
    • What laws and policies govern our actions toward our environment? Who is responsible for enacting these laws and policies? How do we assess the impacts of laws and policies on the environment? Let’s find out the answers to these questions, and more, in the Week 2 module.
  • Week 3: Exposure Pathways & Systems Thinking in Environmental Health
    • There are many ways of thinking about the world around us; design thinking, critical thinking, computational thinking, etc. But have you heard of systems thinking, and how it can be an effective approach to think about our environment? Let’s find out how we can use systems thinking for environmental health purposes, and more, in the Week 3 module.
  • Week 4: Occupational Health
    • Different jobs involved exposures to different hazards and varying levels of risk. A construction worker is far more likely to be injured than a store cashier, for example. But all jobs involve potential occupational hazards. Let’s find out about occupational health (OH for short) and how we can approach it in the Week 4 module - the last one of this course.