Environmental Hazards and Global Public Health

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  • Week 1: Air & Water Pollution
    • Welcome to Week 1! We start this week with an orientation to the course and our learning community. Then, we start our course by covering two important topics that touch our lives in an immense way: water and air pollution. Let’s find out about water and air, and more, in the Week 1 module.
  • Week 2: Physical Hazards (Noise and Radon) and Solid Waste
    • We are all exposed to physical hazards that can affect our quality of life to different degrees. The question, therefore, is how to manage our exposures to these hazards such as noise, radon, and solid and hazardous waste. Let’s find out about these types of physical hazards, and more, in the Week 2 module.
  • Week 3: Urbanization and Global Health
    • Urbanization is a global phenomenon that affects our environment, and therefore our lives in a significant way. As such, urbanization is tied to global health. Let’s find out about urbanization, and more, in the Week 3 module.
  • Week 4: Built Environment
    • Most of our living environment is designed and built for specific purposes. The question is how to design a built environment while protecting it at the same time? Let’s find out how, and more, in Week 4, our last module.