Environment and Development

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Week-1: Introduction: Development, economic growth and sustainable development, Basic ecosystem ecology Week-2: Environmentalism, Environmental Movement, Environmentalism in the global south Week-3: Approaches to environment: Ecofeminism, Feminist political ecology, Marxism and ecology Week-4: Debates on environmental ethics: Deep ecology, Gandhi and ecology, Social ecology Week-5: Religion, environment and conservation: Religion, environment and historical roots of ecological crisis, Biodiversity conservation ethics in Buddhism and Hinduism, Christian religion in the age of ecological crisis Week-6: Natural resource management, Common property vs. private property,Livelihoods, forests, and conservation Week-7: Displacement, dispossession and development: Conservation-induced displacement, Environment impact assessment and national rehabilitation & resettlement policy, Dispossession and land acquisition Week-8: Mainstream development trajectory: Strengthening or weakening of indigenous peoples: Mining, development, and indigenous people, Competing visions of development along the Narmada, Dams, development, and resistance: case studies Week-9: Gender and development: Development theory and gendered approach to development, Gender, environment & sustainable development Week-10: Environment and climate change: Climate change interventions and policy framework, Eastern Himalayas and climate change Week-11: Belief and knowledge systems, biodiversity conservation and sustainability: Ecological knowledge, biodiversity conservation and sustainability,Traditional religion and conservation of nature in Northeast India: Case study Week-12: Local knowledge in the environment-development discourse: Indigenous knowledge, environment and development, Relevance of indigenous knowledge: case study