Entrepreneurship Essentials

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The course provides foundational knowledge on various aspects of entrepreneurial venture creation and management during its life-cycle. It has been designed to address multidisciplinary audiences. The objective of the course is to teach key issues faced by entrepreneurs and managers at different stages of the life-cycle of an enterprise and is relevant both for aspiring entrepreneurs and for decision makers in established enterprises. Topics can be classified in some major themes such as : Making a choice to create an entrepreneurial venture, current trend of technology entrepreneurship, how to start a start-up, identifying opportunities, factors driving competitive advantages, organizational structure, basic knowledge of financial statements and project report,introductory knowledge on marketing management, human resource management, & strategic management, risk analysis, legal aspect of business, how to raise fund during life-cycle of a new ventures.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : All students with education up to higher secondary can take up this course.PREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRY SUPPORT : All start-ups, companies in emerging technology domains, companies adopting ‘corporate entrepreneurship’, professionally managed companies