Entrepreneurial Mindset

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  • Topic 1. Innovative Entrepreneurship
    • Why is entrepreneurship important these days? Is it a fad or a need of new managers, executives, and people who start projects and companies? Entrepreneurship is a discipline inside management that has only begun to be studied. Entrepreneurship is at present just as important as marketing, information systems, finance, human resources, or strategy. Furthermore, a very relevant body of knowledge has been developed around entrepreneurship to help and support entrepreneurs. Innovation is a discipline, together with entrepreneurship, for which methodologies have been developed and taught to people who innovate.  When these disciplines are brought together they create the concept of innovative entrepreneurship.
  • Topic 2. Lean Startup
    • Welcome to Problem-Solution Fit, Product-Market Fit, and Business Model Fit. Have you heard about Lean Startup? We will be dealing with the concept and the methodologies used in it that will help you position the products or services you want to sell through your Startup.
  • Topic 3. Designing a Business Model
    • Welcome to the topic Business Model Types. Business models are key tools for launching a new company or for accelerating business growth.  Business model design and analysis provide a simple and effective setting to assess new opportunities and are crucial to keep our head above water. This course offers a real-world context where students participate closely in the development, launching, management, and data collection processes of a business.
  • Topic 4. Corporate entrepreneurship
    • In this topic we are going to look at the concept Corporate entrepreneurship as a worldwide phenomena to accelerate the growth  of companies through open innovation. We will clearly review that entrepreneurships can be done inside companies, that is, apply innovation in order to develop new products and services, or even business models, or buying companies at early stages.