Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) and the Jakarta Persistence API (JPA)

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  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
    • A Session Bean is the most generic type of enterprise bean, It representing a facet of business functionality that can be called by a client. in the same or different JVM via Local or Remote access respectively. This module will concentrate on the advantages of having the EJB model to build distributed applications and the role of the most common EJB, Stateless Sessison Beans, that can be pooled for remote clients or sit in the context of a Web Application.
  • EJB Interceptors
    • This module will introduce the use of Interceptors to trace interactions with EJB's. Defining re-useable Interceptor Classes for multiple EJB or defining specific method level Interceptor methods with an EJB itself. It will also contain the Exam for modules 1 and 2
  • Stateful Session Beans and JPA
    • In this module, state will be discussed via the use of Singleton and Stateful Session Beans scoped to a client conversation. It will then move onto Jakarta Persistence or Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) to cover how in a Java EE application we communicate with Databases.
  • Message Driven Beans (MDB)
    • This module will illustrate the use of Message Driven Beans (MDB) for the Java Messaging System (JMS) to aid in the communication between disparate systems through asynchronous message queues. It will also contain the Exam for modules 3 and 4