Enjoyable Econometrics

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  • Introduction
    • In this week you will be introduced to the MOOC Enjoyable Econometrics.
  • Basic statistics
    • This week covers basic statistics like distributions, correlations and t-tests. You will be introduced to these concepts through real-life examples.
  • Simple regression
    • Simple regression is the focus of this week, real-life examples will help you to apply your knowledge. This week ends with a test to check if you've mastered the content of the first three weeks.
  • Multiple regression
    • This week covers the topic of multiple regression, which is introduced to you through examples from practice.
  • Variants of multiple regression
    • In this week you will encounter different variants of multiple regression illustrated with examples.
  • New cases with new techniques
    • The last week of this MOOC focuses on real life cases that require more advanced econometric methods.