English for Effective Business Communications

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  • Human Resources
    • This week, you’ll learn about human resources—the ways that companies recruit, hire, and train their employees. We’ll think about how companies attract and keep the best people to make their organization successful and learn about job interviews and how to do well if you’re being interviewed. You’ll also hear a human resources professional discuss current trends and challenges in this important field. Finally, you’ll learn how to use passive voice sentences in many business situations.
  • Management
    • Management of people and teams is the focus of this week’s lesson. You will read about a challenge for a general manager and listen to passages about meetings and staff recognition. Through these passages, you will reinforce your management related vocabulary in English. You will also learn about how to use count and noncount nouns in business communication.
  • Marketing
    • Marketing is our topic for this week. Analysis, planning, and promotion are major activities for a marketing team. We will read about basic ideas of marketing and listen to passages about the promotion and placement of products. We will also learn about how to speak, read, and write about numbers in American business contexts.
  • Work-Life Balance
    • This week, we’ll look at some very current topics in the world of work. You’ll learn about the benefits to both companies and employees when workers balance their lives to avoid stress and burnout. We’ll hear about why many companies are turning to remote or hybrid work and how this is becoming a part of the future of work. You’ll also learn useful ways to consider possible options and make recommendations.