English for Business and Entrepreneurship

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  • Unit 1: Becoming an Entrepreneur
    • In this unit, we will introduce course goals and logistics, then discuss basic concepts and vocabulary related to entrepreneurship.
  • Unit 2: Identifying an Opportunity
    • This unit will cover how to do market research to determine whether a new product presents an opportunity in a market. We will focus on surveys and questions.
  • Unit 3: Creating a Business Plan (Part 1)
    • This first part of Unit 3 will review the importance of writing a business plan and will focus on the first two sections: operations and marketing.
  • Unit 3: Creating a Business Plan (Part 2)
    • In this second part of Unit 3, we will learn about the Financials section of a business plan and how to create a simple, brief business plan of our own.
  • Unit 4: Attracting Investors and Obtaining Financial Support
    • In this unit, we will discuss different ways to get the money needed to start a business. At the end you will create a "pitch" to present your business ideas.