Engineering Mechanics

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This is a basic first level course to learn rigid body mechanics covering both statics and dynamics. Statics covers free body diagrams, equilibrium of rigid bodies, analysis of trusses and beams, discussion on friction, virtual work and stability. Dynamics deals with general plane motion of rigid bodies, use of translating and rotating frames of reference for analysis, plane kinetics and 3D kinematics.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Any Interested LearnersPREREQUISITES :It is a very basic course



Week 1: Introduction and Force SystemsWeek 2: Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies and Introduction to TrussesWeek 3: Analysis of Trusses and Introduction to BeamsWeek 4: Analysis of BeamsWeek 5: Virtual work and Energy relationsWeek 6: Review so far and FrictionWeek 7: Belt friction, Review of particle dynamics, Circular motionWeek 8: Plane kinematics of rigid bodies, absolute motion and relative motionWeek 9: Instantaneous center, Rotating frame of referenceWeek 10: Choice of rotating frame and understanding Coriolis accelerationWeek 11: Plane kineticsWeek 12: 3D kinematics