Engineering Hydrology

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Week1: Course contents, Hydrologic cycle, Global water budget, Catchment, System concept, Reynolds transport theorem, Conservation laws
Week 2: Atmospheric water, Water vapor dynamics, Precipitable water, Precipitation, Types of precipitation
Week 3: Terminal velocity, Thunder storm cell model, Forms of precipitation, Measurement of Rainfall, Rain gauge network, Representation and analysis of rainfall, Average rainfall
Week 4: Evaporation, Measurement and estimation, Evapotranspiration, estimation and measurement
Week 5: Subsurface water, Unsaturated flow, Infiltration, Measurement of infiltration, Estimation of abstractions
Week 6: Surface water, Catchment storage concept, Runoff generation and factors affecting runoff, Measurement streamflow, Rainfall-Runoff relationships, Streamflow hydrograph and Direct runoff hydrograph
Week 7: Hydrograph analysis, Response functions of linear systems, Unit hydrograph theory
Week 8: S hydrograph, Instantaneous unit hydrograph, Synthetic unit hydrograph
Week 9: Flood routing, Reservoir routing, Channel routing
Week10: Probabilistic and statistical methods for of hydrologic data, Fitting probability distribution
Week 11: Probability distributions for hydrologic variables, Frequency analysis, Extreme value distributions
Week 12: Estimation of design floods, Frequency Analysis