Engineering Fracture Mechanics

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Week 1 : EFM Course outline and Spectacular FailuresWeek 2 : Introduction to LEFM and EPFM, Fatigue Crack Growth ModelWeek 3 : Crack Growth and Fracture Mechanisms, Griffith TMs Theory of FractureWeek 4 : Energy Release RateWeek 5 : Review of Theory of ElasticityWeek 6 : Westergaard Solution for Stress and Displacements for Mode I, Relationship between K and GWeek 7 : Introduction to multi parameter stress field for Mode I, Mode II and Mixed ModesWeek 8 : SIF for Various GeometriesWeek 9 : Modeling Plastic Deformation, Irwin TMs model, Dugdale ModelWeek 10 : Fracture Toughness Testing, Paris Law and Sigmoidal curveWeek 11 : Crack Closure, Crack Growth Models, J-IntegralWeek 12 : Failure Assessment Diagram, Mixed Mode Fracture, Crack Arrest and Repair Methodologies