Engineering drawing and computer graphics

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All phases of manufacturing a product involve expressing basic ideas into graphical format widely known as engineering drawing and design. The present course prepares the students to learn the basics concepts involved in technical drawing skills and computer graphics.
During this course, the student will develop skills on: - understanding of engineering drawings used in industries
- computer design and development of 3D objects - exposure to visual aspects of technical drawings

Aerospace, Computer Science, Civil, Chemical,, Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanical, Bio-Technology, Production
PREREQUISITES :No prerequisitesINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Various automotive, petro and process industries:TATA Steel, TATA motors, SHELL, ONGC, Reliance, HAL, SAIL, BHEL, BARC, Airbus, GE, almost all the the manufacturing and process industries



Week 1:Introduction to engineering drawingsWeek 2:Conic sectionsWeek 3:Orthographic projections-IWeek 4:Orthographic projections-II
Week 5:Sections and sectional viewsWeek 6:Isometric projectionsWeek 7:Overview of computer graphics-IWeek 8:Overview of computer graphics-II
Week 9:Overview of computer graphics-IIIWeek 10:Overview of computer graphics-IVWeek 11:Design project-IWeek 12:Design project-II