Energy Resources and conversion processes

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This course "energy resources and conversion processes'' broadly gives an overview of various energy resources, their availability and use pattern. It also gives an exposure about environmental effects of energy usage. The world scenario of conventional energy sources, various renewable energy sources( like Bioenegy, solar energy,hydroelectric energy etc.) and their applications will be discussed in depth.The energy conversion processes, fuels and their characteristics and environmental impacts of energy conversion will be discussed in detail. Nowadays when the world is confronting with twin crises of fossil fuel depletion and environmental degradation this types of courses are the need of the hour.



Week 1.Introduction to Energy and its Various Forms

Week2.Conventional Energy Sources

Week3.World Scenario of Conventional Energy Sources

Week4.Calorific Values of Fuels

Week5. Renewable Energy Scenario : Solar Energy

Week6. Biomass Energy

Week7. Biogas Energy

Week8. Wind Energy

Week9. Other Forms of Renewable Energy

Week10 Principles of Energy Conversion

Week11. Fuels and Their Characteristics

Week12. Combustion of Fuels

Week13. Energy Efficiency and Energy Conversion

Week14. Environmental Impacts of Energy Conversion