Energy Justice: Fostering More Equitable Energy Futures

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  • Introduction to the Course and to the Landscape of Energy Justice
    • This module lays the groundwork for the course, overviewing objectives and approach, meeting one another, and taking a look at our own positionality. It also establishes the imperative for combating energy injustice and defines energy justice, exploring its roots in environmental justice and as a response to structural inequity.
  • Energy Systems and Justice Frameworks
    • This module presents energy systems as human and social (as well as physical), invites students to explore their own energy systems, and explores and applies core principles of energy justice.
  • Creating More Just Energy Systems
    • This module draws on researchers and practitioners to present varied case studies of energy justice and injustice, identifies and reviews a range of tools and toolkits useful for addressing energy injustice, and helps launch students on the next stage of integrating EJ approaches in their own professional and civic lives.