Energy conservation and waste heat recovery

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Week 1 : Introduction to Waste Heat, Importance of Waste Heat Recovery, Review of
Thermodynamics – Introduction to First and Second Laws
Week 2 : Review of Thermodynamics – Entropy, Entropy Generation, First and
Second Law efficiency
Week 3 : Power Plant Cycles - Energy Cascading, Rankine Cycle, modification
of Rankine cycle, examples
Week 4 : Gas Turbine Cycle, Combined Cycle, Combined Gas Turbine-Steam
Turbine Power Plant, Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Week 5 : Thermodynamic cycles for low temperature application, Cogenerations,
Introduction to Heat Exchangers, Analysis – LMTD and ε-NTU method
Week 6 : Analysis of Heat Exchanger – continued, Problem solving, Special Heat
Exchangers for Waste Heat Recovery, Synthesis of Heat Exchanger
Week 7 : Heat pipes & Vapor Chambers, Direct conversion technologies –
Thermoelectric Generators.
Week 8 : Direct conversion technologies – Thermoelectric Generators (contd.),
Thermoionic conversion, Thermo-PV, MHD
Week 9 : Heat Pump; Heat Recovery from Incinerators, Energy Storage – Introduction.
Week 10 : Energy Storage Techniques – Pumped hydro, Compressed Air, Flywheel,
Superconducting Magnetic storage
Week 11 : Energy Storage Techniques – Thermal storage (Sensible & Latent), Battery,
Chemical Energy Storage, Fuel cells.
Week 12 : Energy Economics