Enclosure design of electronics equipment

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  1. Introduction to Products
  2. Industrial Design and Product Design
  3. Types of products ID as per ICSID and WIPO
  4. Creativity in Product Design
  5. Needs VS features
  6. Product Conceptualisation
  7. Sketching Basics
  8. Sketching as a design tool
  9. Using illustration software
  10. Role of packaging and enclosures
  11. Use of IP approved sets
  12. Design of purpose built enclosures
  13. Physical simulation of a small system
  14. Basics of building a prototype mock up
  15. Skills and specification in alternate material
  16. Use of off the shelf electronic system
  17. Gumstix, Beagle, Raqsberrypi, Arduino,
  18. Kit application. Adaption for I/O
  19. Development of Enclosures with Laser tools. Use of Flat Plastics
  20. Product Specific Enclosure design
  21. Application of CAD tools (dessault, Siemens. Autodesk, McNeil)
  22. Design for FDM (3d printing)
  23. Specifics of Design for production scale-up
  24. Design of I/o interfaces Front panel layout and graphics
  25. Basics of ergonomis
  26. Connectors and wiring
  27. Integration and Validation
  28. Manufacturing documentation
  29. Applicability for industry specific detailing
  30. Sourcing and logistics of hardware
  31. Areas for specialisation and future study
  32. Review of course