Emmet: Write HTML+CSS Like a Ninja

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If you code you’ll either know, or begin to realise, that there’s a lot of repetition that goes on – especially in HTML and CSS. This goal of this class is to show you how to dramatically speed up writing HTML and CSS by using a plugin called Emmet. The class covers the basics, advanced methods, hidden gems, and even more time-saving tools and tips.

Emmet is available for all major code editors!
It even works in places like Code Pen and JS Fiddle.

Once you begin using Emmet you’ll wonder how you lived without it. It’s fast. It’s powerful. And it’s easy to use. You’ll save days or weeks throughout a year when using Emmet.

The class in broken down into short videos, so you can try it on your own – and so you can easily reference them later!

Get you HTML & CSS Ninja on :) Take the class!

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