Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom

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  • Module 1
    • Welcome to Module 1, The Role of Educational Technology in K-12 Virtual Education. In this module, we will explore the role of technology in virtual education, evaluate technologies for use, and how to implement technology in the virtual classroom. We will also review some common questions about trends and technologies and look at privacy considerations for K-12 students.
  • Module 2
    • Welcome to Module 2, Collaborative Technologies in Virtual Education. In this module, we will explore collaborative learning technologies and evaluate learning management systems. We will also review asynchronous and synchronous technologies for application in K-12 virtual education.
  • Module 3
    • In week three, we will discuss game-based learning, badging, augmented reality, and wearable technologies. You will also have the opportunity to submit your assignment and evaluate three of your classmates' work.Welcome to Module 3, Game-based Learning & Badges in Virtual Education. In this module, we will discuss gamification, game-based learning, and badges in virtual education. We'll also look at the authoring environments Minecraft and Scratch and explore potential uses for augmented reality and wearable technologies in the classroom.
  • Module 4
    • In week four, we will explore open educational content, web resources, and MOOCs in the context of K-12 education. Welcome to Module 4, Open Content in Virtual Education. In this module, we will compare different types of open educational content and how it can be beneficial to students learning virtually. We will also debate the role of MOOCs in virtual K-12 education.