Emergent Phenomena in Science and Everyday Life

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  • Welcome - Let's Get Started
    • In this module we'll introduce the concept of emergence and provide an orientation to how this course will proceed.
  • The Mystery of Foam
    • Can a substance be both a solid and a liquid? In this module we’ll take a close look at our first emergent phenomena, complex fluids.
  • Chaotic Dynamics
    • Are seemingly random events truly random? In this module, we'll examine ways that deterministic processes can produce the appearance of randomness.
  • Pattern Formation and Systems Biology
    • Have you ever wondered why tigers have spots and leopards have spots? This module helps to explain how these and other patterns form in nature.
  • Quantum Coherence, Many-Body States, and Quantum Computing
    • How can we study quantum events from both a reductionist and emergent perspective? This module takes a look at the atomic and quantum level of some everyday phenomena.
  • Consciousness
    • One of the most awe inspiring emergent phenomena is how consciousness emerges from complex collections of atoms and molecules. In this module, we’ll take a look at how the various regions of our brain coordinate and interact to produce consciousness.