Emergency Care: Pregnancy, Infants, and Children

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  • Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery
    • In the next few lessons, you will learn about some basics of pregnancy as well as the care of the pregnant patient all the way through delivery of a baby. While it might seem crazy, part of your scope of practice is an emergency delivery!
  • Neonatal Care and Pediatric Basics
    • Next up is learning how to manage the newly born baby. Depending on the gestational age, the prenatal care and the delivery, the newborn can present in a variety of ways. You will learn a progression of interventions to help with your care of newborns. After learning about how to assess and manage the newborn, we will move on to the wide and wild world of kids, along with some tips and tricks for getting the info you need without all the tears.
  • Pediatric Pathology and Intervention
    • In this module, we are going to cover some pediatric specific problems that affect the different body systems. We will focus on diseases that are mostly found in the pediatric population and will refer you back to prior lessons to refresh on those things that affect all populations. We will also review in more detail some of the anatomic and developmental changes that occur during childhood that can impact your care for certain conditions.
  • Other Things To Know As An EMT
    • We’ll be finishing off the course with a few more crucial skills and concepts to round out your EMT education. These are the odds and ends that bring everything together.