Elements of metal cutting, Machine tools, gear cutting and CNC machining

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Week 1: Introduction to metal cutting: Tool geometry
Week 2: Tool geometry, Mechanism of chip formation, orthogonal cutting, forces in metal cutting (orthogonal cutting)
Week 3: Theory of tool wear, machine tools : Lathe and milling machines
Week 4: Lathe and milling machines contd., Gear cutting machines, Non-traditional machining, CNC machining
Week 5: Introduction to gears, simples calculations involving gears
Week 6: Milling of gears, simple and differential indexing
Week 7: Helical gear cutting, gear teeth calculations
Week 8: Gear Shaping and Gear hobbing
Week 9: CNC – basic principals, classification, binary logic
Week 10: Features and devices of CNC machines, prime movers, feedback devices, programming
Week 11: Programming and Interpolation
Week 12: CNC Free form surface machining