Elementary Stereology for Quantitative Metallography

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Quantitative metallography or stereology is concerned with the measurement of microstructural features such as grain size, and the size and spatial distribution of second phase particles from the observations made on 2-D sections through optical, scanning and transmission electron microscopy. In all cases a small sample section or thin slice of material is observed in order to derive the microstructural characteristic of a bulk material. Stereology is therefore concerned with geometrical probability.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:Anyone who is interested in the quantification of microstructures
INDUSTRY SUPPORT:All materials related industries and Pathologists, Bio technologists



Week 1 : Method of Stereology ,Geometrical Probability - I ,Geometrical Probability IIWeek 2 : Probability Distributions ,Basic Stereological ParametersWeek 3 : Counting of grains and particles ,Description of Polycrystalline Microstructures derived measuresWeek 4 : Size distribution of particles ,Other applications of the Disector