Electronics Enclosures Thermal issues

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Electronics Design is understood as analysis and implementation at various levels from large systems installation to chip design. One of the aspects is failure due to temperature effects is constantly under study. Theory of Heat transfer has been understood and explained way back in 1700. Rigor and precision has resulted in seemingly complicated ‘equations’.
In the design of enclosures, managing heat is (relatively) well understood. Empirical results can be used to optimise the layout and reduce failure. Practices in use of heat management hardware are available from specialist manufacturers and can be used. This course is an attempt to familiarise the participating registrants with heat related issues in Design of Electronic Product enclosures.
  • Registrants to BSc, BE, B.Tech, MSc and ME, M.Tech courses,
  • Product design engineers (in related industry)
  • Product Managers
PREREQUISITES :12th Standard
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Electronics and Mechanical involved in enclosure Design