Electronic Packaging and Manufacturing

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Week 1 : Introduction - Electronic Packaging, Levels of Packaging, Wafer fabrication, Recap of Basic ElectronicsWeek 2 : First level packaging – Package Taxonomy, Chip and chip carrier, lead frame, Interconnection types and methods, Flip-Chip bonding, area arraysWeek 3 : Second level packaging - Design and manufacture of Printed Wiring Boards, Types of circuit boards, Component placement, Routing, Lamination, Solder MasksWeek 4 : Third level packaging and System level integration – cables, connectors, chassis, displayWeek 5 : Advanced Packaging - Chip Scale Packaging, Multi-chip Module, Stacked Package, System in package (SIP), system on chip (SOC) Specialized packages (RF, MEMS, Sensors, Harsh Environments, Wearable/Flexible)Week 6 : Mechanical Design - Vibration analysis, Theorem of Castigliano; Fatigue and creep analysisWeek 7 : Thermal Design - Basics of heat transfer, Thermal Resistance, Thermal Interface Materials, Heat spreaders and Heat sinks, System level thermal challenges, modeling and analysisWeek 8 : Reliability - Design for reliability, Life cycle, Failure Modes and Mechanisms, Reliability Metrology and Analysis, Accelerated Degradation Modeling, Environmental Stress Screening.