Electrodynamics: In-depth Solutions for Maxwell’s Equations

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This course is the fourth course in the Electrodynamics series, and is directly proceeded by Electrodynamics: Electric and Magnetic Fields. Previously, we have learned about visualization of fields and solutions which were not time dependent. Here, we will return to Maxwell's Equations and use them to produce wave equations which can be used to analyze complex systems, such as oscillating dipoles. We will also introduce AC circuits, and how they can be simplified, solved, and applied.

Learners will:
• Have a complete understanding of Maxwell's Equations and how they relate to the magnetic and electric potentials.
• Be able to solve problems related to moving charges, and add relativistic corrections to the equations
• Understand the different components in AC circuits, and how their presence can change the function of the circuit.

The approach taken in this course complements traditional approaches, covering a fairly complete treatment of the physics of electricity and magnetism, and adds Feynman’s unique and vital approach to grasping a picture of the physical universe. Furthermore, this course uniquely provides the link between the knowledge of electrodynamics and its practical applications to research in materials science, information technology, electrical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, energy storage, energy harvesting, and other materials related fields.