Electrification of Urban Mobility: How to Get it Right

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Gain key insights into successful electrification

To be sustainable and deal with current climate change, our future cities must become greener. For urban mobility (trips generated within a city) that means clean energy must replace fossil fuels.

This two-week course from EIT Urban Mobility introduces the challenges faced by cities during that energy transition, and their possible solutions.

Electrification of mobility: Learning from the past

Urban mobility doesn’t just involve methods of transport. It also includes city spaces and how well they accommodate the trips people take. On this course, you’ll take a closer look at how town planning can influence how fuel is used.

This knowledge will help you evaluate how effectively clean energy has powered urban mobility in the past, looking at specific examples. You’ll learn about previous successes and failures, and how those lessons can be applied when designing future cities.

Look to the present and future of electrification

After you’ve evaluated what worked and what didn’t work for other cities, you’ll get the chance to consider your own. What solutions can you develop to successfully make the energy transition, ensuring that current and future urban mobility needs are met?

Reviewing your city’s transport requirements and objectives, and how to meet them using clean energy, will give you a great opportunity to practice being an effective urban planner. Importantly, you’ll understand what can realistically be done and what town planning changes need to be made now.

Learn with passionate urban mobility experts

The Urban Mobility initiative at EIT is dedicated to making cities more livable by changing the way people move around them. Whether you’re a concerned citizen or a future urban planner, EIT will show you the possibilities of sustainable cities.

This course is designed for anyone interested in the health of current and future cities, including urban mobility and transport industry professionals. Whether you’re a member of the public or an urban planner, you’ll find a wealth of information here.