Electricity & Safety Measures

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This course on ‘Electricity and Safety Measures’ will introduce you to electricity, from generation to transmission to cities/ towns, to distribution up to the end user. You will learn the elementary electrical, overview of electrical power system, Quality of electrical supply, general tools and tackle, Major substation equipment, Operation & maintenance practices for substation and transformer in the first part of this course. While the use of electricity is a boon to us, its misuse could lead to major accidents. We shall learn importance of earthing and guidelines for providing earthing arrangements, Protection of the electrical equipment for safe use of electricity, Important electricity rules related to safety in the second part of this course. While we do take all precautions to avoid the unforeseen, what if some accident does happen? You will be introduced to the basic safety measures. You shall learn about the essential First-Aid measures. Immediate First-Aid may save life. It is essential to restore the electrical system, at the earliest after any disaster; this is the issue of Disaster Management. All these aspects are covered under the third part of this course. As a common interest course, this course helps in building up your knowledge and skill on electrical power and safety.

Course Credit: 4