Electrical Properties and Semiconductors

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  • Electrical Properties and Semiconductors
    • In this course, we will explore the electrical properties of materials and classify different materials as conductors, semiconductors or insulators. We will look at some examples of conductors, semiconductors and insulators, and note the key factors that cause the differences in their electrical properties. We will use rudimentary band theory to show how temperature impacts the conductivity of the three classifications of materials. We will learn what causes the differences in electrical behavior of a p-type versus an n-type semiconductor in a p-n diode.
  • Module 1: Electrical Properties
    • Semiconductor devices require precise control of electrical properties. In this module, we learn about the electrical properties of various materials including conductors, semiconductors and insulators.
  • Module 2: Electrical Conductivity and Semiconductors
    • Semiconductor devices use both extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductor materials. In this module, we learn about extrinsic semiconductors and about different kinds of semiconductor devices.
  • Module 3: Semiconductor Devices
    • In this module we learn about different kinds of semiconductor devices and how they are used for different applications.
  • Module 4: Behavior of Carriers in Semiconductors and Devices
    • In this Module, we will identify and explain the use of carrier concentration in semiconductors.