Electrical Distribution System Analysis

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The structure and load patterns of a power distribution system are significantly different than transmission system. In addition, distribution systems are transitioning from passive to active with the adoption of distributed generation, storage, and smart-grid technologies. Therefore, the analysis tools developed for a transmission system will not be directly applicable to a distribution network. This course shall introduce the modeling of the components (feeders, distribution transformer, regulators, capacitors, loads, distributed generation, storage, etc.) and analysis methods (load flow, short-circuit, etc.), specially developed for the distribution system.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: UG and PG Students, Distribution Utility Engineers, College Teachers, and Industry Professionals.PREREQUISITES:Power System Analysis.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT:1. Power distribution utilities. 2. Load dispatch centers.3. Distribution system equipment manufacturers.



Week 1: Structure of a distribution system 1.1.Distribution feeder configurations and substation layouts 1.2.Nature of loadsWeek 2: Approximate methods of analysis 2.1.Computation of transformer and feeder loading 2.2.“K” Factors, voltage drop and power loss calculations 2.3.Distribution of loads and various geometric configurationsWeek 3, 4, 5: Modeling of distribution system components 3.1.Overhead lines, feeders and cables 3.2.Single and three phase distribution transformers 3.3.Voltage regulators 3.4.Load models 3.5.Capacitor banks 3.6.Distributed generation Week 6, 7, 8: Distribution system analysis 4.1.Load flow analysis: Backward/forward sweep 4.2.Load flow analysis: Direct approach 4.3.Load flow analysis: Direct approach for weakly meshed systems 4.4.Load flow analysis: Gauss Implicit Z-matrix Method 4.5.Short-circuit analysis: Sequence-components vs. phase-variable 4.6.Short-circuit analysis: LG, LLG, LLLG, and LL Faults 4.7.Short-circuit analysis: Weakly meshed system 4.8.Applications of distribution system analysis