Electric Power Systems

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  • Basic Electricity
    • Electricity is a term that covers all the phenomena caused either by static electric charge or by the movement of charge (current) and the electrical and magnetic fields associated with that.

      This module looks at: Nature and Effects of Electricity; Basic Electrical Properties and Simple Circuits.
  • Generation, Transmission, & Distribution
    • Electrical energy is transmitted and distributed via overhead lines and underground cables operating at different voltage levels. It is necessary to mesh networks to ensure dependable supply for consumers even if individual transmission paths fail.

      This module focuses on: Substations & Transformers; Generation; Transmission & Subtransmission and Distribution.
  • System Design & Switching
    • Circuit breakers are complicated electromechanical devices and must be serviced regularly. So that work on them can be perform safely, switches are installed before and after them.
  • Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Technologies
    • Our nation’s electric power infrastructure that has served us so well for so long – also known as “the grid” – is rapidly running up against its limitations.

      This module looks at Smart Grid Risks; Smart Grid, Utilities & Customers; Smart Grid & the Environment and Renewable Energy.