Effective Communication in the Globalised Workplace – The Capstone

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The Capstone Project for this Specialisation requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the courses and integrate the knowledge and skills learned in real workplace scenarios. In particular, you will be given a choice of a few projects based on scenarios and case studies drawn from different workplaces.

The project outcome is a handbook or a practical guide, which could be a blend of text and multi-media. In completing the project, you will be required to use and/or collect relevant primary data from people in the workplace through emails, face-to-face chats, Skype discussions and incorporate the data into the handbook/guide as support.

In addition, there will be a component on critical reflection on your learning journey.

The Capstone Project is to be completed within six weeks.
Evaluation will be done via a combination of peer and tutor assessment.


Capstone: An overview

Capstone: E-guide
-Introduction to e-guide

Capstone: Data Collection 1
-Basic principles in constructing survey questions

Capstone: Data Collection 2

Capstone: Putting it altogether
-Putting it altogether

Final Submission and Peer Critique
-Putting all the information that you have prepared into the e-guide.