Effective Communication for Today’s Leader

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Interpersonal communication is one of the most important management skills: everyday we relate with our bosses, collaborators, customers and colleagues.

Being a good communicator is synonym to being a good leader.

Interpersonal and group communication helps us to create better business environments, and therefore, to have better results.


Topic 1. Human communication levels

1.1 Concept and communication levels

1.2 Communication skills

Topic 2. Assertive communication

2.1 Differences between aggressiveness, non- assertiveness, and assertiveness

2.2 A technique for planning our communication: the DESC Script

Topic 3. Empathetic listening

3.1 Listening levels: hearing, listening, and empathizing

3.2 The technique of empathetic listening: typical responses vs. empathetic responses

Topic 4. Performance feedback

4.1 Recognizing good and bad performance

4.2 The GROW Model: steps for conducting a feedback session