Week 1 Unit 1 Instructional Media – Need, Classification and Planning L1.Need for Instructional Media
L2.What media research says
L3.Classification of instructional Media
L4.Instructional Media planning and selection
L5.Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism Week 2 Unit 2 Media for 21st Century Classroom and Laboratory L6.Media hardware
L7.Media peripheral connections Week 3 Unit 3 Design and development of instructional media L8.Mapping for Curriculum Analysis
L9.Instructional Media Design Principles
L10.Overview of media software
L11.Basics of video and audio production
L12.Development of Instructional Media Week 4 Unit 4 Establishment of media resource center L13.Establishment of Media Resources Centre
L14.Use of interactive devices for Off-line and Online instruction.
L15.Use and preventive care of media hardware Week 4 Unit 5 (Combined with Unit 4) Evaluation of media resources L16.Evaluation of instructional media hardware and software