Economic Viability of Indian Agriculture

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Module 1 State of Indian Agriculture
Module 2 Growth and Structural Transformation of Agriculture
Module 3 Regional Variations in Agricultural Growth
Module 4 National and State Level Agricultural Policies
Module 5 Implications of New Farm Laws for Farmers and Consumers
Module 6 Diversification Opportunities in Agriculture
Module 7 Productivity Trends in Agriculture
Module 8 Terms of Trade between Agriculture and Industry
Module 9 Farm Size and Input Use Efficiency
Module 10 Cost of Production in Farming
Module 11 Interstate Variations in Cost of Agricultural Production
Module 12 Government Intervention and Role in Agricultural Marketing
Module 13 Market Intervention Schemes
Module 14 Market Efficiency and Price Spread
Module 15 Government Procurement Operation of Farm Produce
Module 16 Profitability in Farming
Module 17 Agricultural Marketing and Warehousing
Module 18 Marketing of Agricultural Inputs
Module 19 E-Marketing of Agricultural Products
Module 20 Public and Private Investment in Agriculture
Module 21 Farmers Producers Companies and Farmer Producer Organizations
Module 22 Agricultural Export Policy 2018
Module 23 WTO and Viability of Agriculture
Module 24 Impact of Subsidies and Taxes on Economic Viability of Agriculture
Module 25 Trade Performance of Agriculture
Module 26 Self-Reliance in Food Grains and Commercial Crops
Module 27 Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture
Module 28 Small Farm Economic Viability
Module 29 Organic Farming
Module 30 International Comparison of Doses of Fertilizers and Pesticides
Module 31 Economic Viability of Organic Farming
Module 32 Increasing Welfare of Indian Farmers
Module 33 Doubling Farmers Income
Module 34 Sustainability of Indian Agriculture
Module 35 COVID-19 and Indian Agriculture
Module 36 Do Farmers Really Like Farming?
Module 37 Dairy Economy of India
Module 38 Marketing of Milk
Module 39 Future of Indian Agriculture
Module 40 The Way Forward